My Studio Tour


Welcome to my studio.

Let me give you a tour, come on in. :)

This is where I sit most of the day, in front of the computer. This is where I create all of my designs. I have an ocean view which is very nice.

This is the other side of my studio and where I keep my items organized.

This is me, Nurit.

I'm the designer. I design all of the items my self, and assemble all of the pieces by hand, one by one.

This is a close up of my hands running through all of the little hoops and clasps.

This is how I assemble the pieces together.

I pack all of the orders myself.

And I visit the post office at least twice a week to ship out your orders.

Here's a close up of how I like to keep my items tidy and organized.

And here is another one of my favorite spots in my studio. I have a couple sketchbooks, a map of the world with all the places my husband and I visited. To the right, you can see a painting by my grandma.

Here's another view of the office. I really like this cabinet which I painted and screwed in the handles.

Of course I can't go a day without my plants!

And here is the ocean view, you can also see my balcony which has more plants!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. :) Be sure to leave a comment if you did.


Photo credits:

Alexandra Efremov

Nurit Motchan


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