• Hi Mirthe,
    Thanks so much for your time and attention! You are not bothering at all. I’m so glad to hear that you found my video. :)
    I do everything that I can by myself, that includes the design and assembling the pieces together, as can be seen in the video. I sketch, then transfer the design to the computer. I then work on it for days or even weeks until I find it perfect. As for your question, at the moment, I don’t have the machinery at home, therefore the casting is made elsewhere according to my design and moulds. When I assemble the pieces together, I do it all at my home studio according to each person’s measurements.
    Besides the designs, I am also in charge of the whole company including packing and shipping out orders, marketing, costumer service, photographing, editing, graphic design, illustrations, accounting, and all the rest!
    Best, Nurit

    Nurit Bencherit
  • Hey hello! I follow you for a while and I was wondering where (at some kind of company or something?) do you let you make your accessories or do you do it yourself? I hope Iā€™m not bothering you.


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