Shugarush Accessories is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Therefore, if you're shipping internationally, please consider the time it may take as mentioned below. 

READ FIRST: How long is the shipping time for the standard shipping method?

Please take in consideration that International shipping from Israel may take a month to arrive! (Sometimes more, sometimes less.) For urgent orders, I advise the upgraded, faster shipping method, see below.

Shipping time world wide from Israel with the standard shipping varies in duration and unfortunately is quite unpredictable. Usually it could take up to a month. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but mostly around a month.

*Please consider that standard shipping does not include tracking. So unfortunately, I would not be able to track down your package. If you are worried that your package is lost, and it has been an unreasonable time, I will send you a new one without any additional charges.



For faster and more precise shipping, there is an option for a higher price with tracking. I highly recommend choosing this option, especially on urgent occasions. This method usually takes up to two weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less.)

*Faster shipping only applies to countries: Austria, Australia, Italy, Ireland, United States, Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Canada, Sweden & Switzerland.

Why does shipping take so long to arrive?
Yes, it is very annoying that the process is long. Unfortunately, the post system is very inefficient and there's not much I can do about at the moment.
All the other shipping options cost more than my products, so using their services wouldn't make any sense.
I do hope that in the future, I will be able to work with Amazon and have storage in the States, but that'll take me a while to get to that point. 
I do my best to compensate on this matter. I guarantee that if a package does not show up, I'll send a new one.

Processing time
The time it would take me to prepare and handle your order is usually between 2-5 days. Fast shipping is in priority.
Shipping days are usually Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

No shipping to Saudi Arabia?
Unfortunately, shipping to Saudi Arabia is not provided from Israel at this time. I can only ship there when I am traveling or if you have friends or relatives in a different country who would later pass it on to you.


In a case when a package is caught in customs (usually only big orders), the costumer will be in charge of it's expenses and handling. Each country has it's own customs policy, therefore if you are placing a large order I would advise to check your local customs policies.

Return Policy (please contact before placing dispute)
I accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations for damaged goods or wrong sizing.
All items must be returned in their original packaging and unworn. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.

In order to pursue a return, first report the problem at info@shugarushaccessories.com. If the item arrived damaged, please add a photo of it. After your dispute has been confirmed, you may send the items back, and I will send you a full refund once they have arrived.

Ship items back within: 45 days of delivery
Address: Dizengoff St 286, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6311724, Israel.


How do I measure my necklace size?
I prepare each necklace and choker especially for you and according to your size, in order to ensure the perfect fit. See these video guides in order to learn how to measure your size: Choker Guide / Necklace Guide.


Who does all this?
Me! Nurit Motchan. I am a one woman show and I am in charge of the whole process. Starting from the design, to the manufacturing, to putting the pieces together, packaging, shipping, accounting, costumer service, photographing, modeling, website design and social media handeling. 

I assemble all of the necklaces according to your requested size. I pack necklaces in tiny gift boxes, and pins with a backing card that I designed. Then, I wrap them in bubble wrap and make sure it looks safe and cute. I go to the post office between 2-3 times a week to deliver packages. Usually on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Can you share your design process?
I frequently share the "behind the scenes" of my creations. I like sharing my sketches and show how I create the items. Have a look at my blog, featuring my design and thought process. 

Can you help me start my own brand?
Sure! I can't give away my manufacturer (it's a secret) but I'd happily help in any other way that I can. Read my 5 tips of how to start your own brand and learn how I did it, in my blog.

When are you restocking?
Follow me on social networks: InstagramFacebook and Twitter to find all the updates and features of new items! Feel free to send me a message for further details.

How can I help you?
If you'd like to help me target the new items and help me develop my business, please answer this short survey (7 questions).


Jewelry care instructions
As plating are only platings (not pure materials like gold) they eventually fade. To make it last the longest, take care for it. Do not shower, swim or work out with the jewelry.
Avoid contact with water, perfumes, body oils, sweat and other chemicals, including household cleaners. Never use chemical jewelry cleaners.
Be gentle with the necklaces and don't let anything pull on them. The clasps and hoops are very delicate and can stretch open when pulled.
Store it in a cool dry place without anything that can rub against it. I would advise to hang the necklaces on a stand so the chain won't get tangled.
The patches are washable in delicate laundry methods. If you have the pins on a bag, make sure you don't rub it against anything.

Material Sensitivity
Each person is different and the way we react to certain materials is very individual. If you are highly sensitive, I would not recommend anything that touches the skin directly. I would recommend to wear it on top of clothes and to avoid any direct exposure to the skin over long periods of time. (Pins and patches are a safe bet). I always aim for the best quality, but of course, that has a direct affect on the prices. As I try to keep my items as affordable as possible while keeping them beautiful, there's a compromise. The good news is, lately I've been stepping up the material quality, and my next items are planned to be more suitable for highly sensitive skin types!

How durable is the plating?
Most of my items are brass plated with gold or silver. As platings are only platings, they will tarnish or fade over time.
I always aim for the best quality, but of course, that has a direct affect on the prices. As I try to keep my items as affordable as possible while keeping them beautiful, there's a compromise. 
Recently, I've added the option to upgrade the chains into real silver and real gold field chains. Note that the pendants remain plated brass. 
Items that tend to hold up longest are ones that are least exposed to our skin, such as pins.
In order to keep your item looking as shiny as possible, avoid contact with water, perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals. Check out the care instructions above for more information.

Instructions for Ironing Patch
Be sure to check the ingredients of your fabric, there shouldn't be any synthetics or materials that could melt. Choose a flat, thick fabric material for ideal use, cotton or denim. The patch might not stick to round surfaces.

Set your household steam iron at 150℃ (302℉). Place a towel underneath your material. Place your patch on the material, lay a slightly steamed towel above it (damp only, no wet!) Press it with the iron for 25 seconds and make circular movements to get an even spread.

Custom and personalised orders
I am able to provide custom designs in large quantities. In this case wholesale is also an option. Minimum order quantity is 100. Allow at least a month for production time.

Contact me at info@shugarushaccessories.com.
Custom chain lengths up to 23" are available for all designs! Just contact me.

There are knock offs of my designs on Ali Express, Wish, and probably other cheap websites of this sort. Please let me know if you happen to see more of them.

This is how you'd be able to tell the difference between mine and the fake:

1. Their's is clearly very poor quality, while mine is made of high quality in details and materials. Mine is gold plated, hard enamel filled and polished. 
2. Mine glows in the dark. Their doesn't.
3. Mine is more narrow, their's is more bulky.
4. Their enamel in smeared, mine is precise.

This is how you'd be able to tell the difference between mine and the fake:

1. Their's is clearly very poor quality, while mine is made of high quality in details and materials. Mine is gold plated, hard enamel filled and polished. 
2. To this moment, mine is only available in gold, the fake is silver.
3. Mine has a pin and clasp backing, the fake has a needle like a brooch.
4. Mine is a flat, heavy to it's small size, metal casting. The fake is curvy and hollow (in order to reduce manufacturing price, they reduced the use of material). 
5. Mine is only sold by me on Etsy, shugarushaccessories.com and several shops or websites that are ALL listed on my website. I definitely do not sell on Ali Express. (See links below).

This is how you'd be able to tell the difference between mine and the fake:

My ‘Moon Phase Necklace’ has a gemstone in the center. Their's is blank in the center.
Their’s has a horizontal line in the full moon ( at “3 o’clock”), mine doesn’t.
Their chain is thicker and looks too yellow. 
The overall quality of the enamel looks poor in their dupe, while mine looks polished and refined.
(P.s - The photo they are using is not mine and the other necklace was not paired by me.)

👀 If you happen to stumble upon more stolen designs, please let me know!
Beware of fake copies folks! 
To find out more pin theft stories and learn how to tell if yours is the original, please check out this website: https://pintheft.com/ made by Serena Epstein (aka @ohplesiosaur) who was also kind enough to tell me about this knock off!