I am more than happy to provide wholesale collaborations!
Here is some basic information for buyers:

Qualifications: You should be a shop owner or seller, either a physical one or online. Other cases of shows, curators, and exhibition organisers are welcome as well. 
Other cases should be considered once offer is presented. 

Sample minimum quantities and estimate of percentage off (may vary):
Pins - minimum of 10 units - 40% off
Enamel necklaces - minimum of 10 units - 45% off 
Earrings, laser cut items and items that include zirconia stones- minimum 5 units - 35% off 
Please allow time to prepare your orders.
Not all items may be in stock. 

Shipping for minimum orders: Starting at $10 (and up).

Shipping time: (Approximately) 10business days once order is prepared.

A 3% fee will be added to cover PayPal transaction fees.

A copyright credit, logo and lnstagram tag for Shugarush Accessories is obligated.

For more information contact me:
Business email: info@shugarushaccessories.com
Personal email: nuritbench@gmail.com
International phone: (+1) 310-460-4011